Bupshi - extreme heels training and throat fuck (Bupshi)


My pussy and ass is again filled with the steel balls from the bondage string and additionally the remote controlled bullet plug in my pussy. From my fetish shoe cabinet I have to select various heels to further improve my walking abilities.
After some walking training master hands me the black crutches and starts binding them onto my arms with Vetrap. He also starts to bind my knees to the crutches, forcing my legs to be more straight in the cruel heels.
Heavy bound like that, I get the instruction to walk, what is now close to impossible.
After some time he master lifts me up and lays me with the back on the sofa, still bound to the crutches.
He activates the remote controlled bullet vibrator in my pussy. The intense vibration brings me quick to first orgasm.
Than I have to give him a throat fuck. The bullet plug is still activated, and so I come a second time during the blow job. Finally I get my masters cum all over my face...

Starring: Bupshi
Categories: Bondage, High Heels, Latex/Leather
Length: 30:15
Type: FLV


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