PUBLIC USER DATE !!! My 1st Choco Lolly: D (Kamikatzerl)

The dear user "Freddy Gong" is not only incredibly sweet but also one of my biggest fans! For a long time he had wanted to be my first Black to be allowed so he went to present myself in the middle of the Danube Island his thick chocolate lolly all the way to Vienna! Among us: Some men cheat indeed happy times when it comes to their tail length - But when I saw the BLACK GIANTS the first time I was a bit queasy to mute: D Luckily Freddy knew but exactly what he was doing, a real and before particularly staunch gentleman not even distracted by pedestrians or cyclists. Wild and hard he worried my tight holes, pressed his oversized Black Cock all the way into my dripping wet pussy and fucks me almost out of my mind! Eventually I then switched off completely and just enjoyed the hard cock dance, I was really damn whether we who sees or hears, which was after all one of the hottest fucking ever been! Unfortunately, this dance was eventually ended, but the fat portion of white chocolate sauce the most part deeply landed in my throat gave us both a lively HAPPY END: D

Starring: Kamikatzerl
Categories: Big Dick, Extreme Hardcore, Outdoor Sex
Length: 9:04
Type: FLV


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