Shy Bubi AO ridden !! (Sina-Valentini)

So you can be wrong !!! I've had a lot of contact with a user from here the last few days and he actually came across really self-confident. He is on lingerie and high heels and wants to get me really gei! I thought "wow" fucks me determined properly, but when he stood in front of me, he was suddenly totally shy and almost speechless. I never expected that !! A little Bubi just. But then I took everything in my own hands and showed him how horny I can ride and all without a gum for the real feeling. He was totally ready for it and I had a mega hot orgasm! Would you have liked that too ??

Starring: Sina-Valentini
Categories: Blondes, Extreme Hardcore, High Heels
Length: 5:46
Type: FLV


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