Even if you don't really see that, I'm more of a shy person. So I still can't believe I really did that. It is so blatant and somehow perverse and everything was to blame for user Peter! Actually I didn't want to do something like that, but then it was too cool and I lost my inhibitions. At the end there was a real sperm mess !!!!

Dear ones, with this little BUT very lively clip I would like to wish you all a wonderful, relaxed, horny and lively Christmas and of course relaxing holidays. Many thanks for your many Christmas greetings and words, as well as messages and comments that you send me all year round! I really appreciate that, you are the HAMMER! And now have fun with the Dirty Xmas Clip! *** Merry Christmas - Feliz Navidad - Buon Natale - Joyeux Noël - Vrolijk kerstfeest - God Jul ***

Was peeing briefly on the toilet and wanted to wash my hands, then my roommate comes in and starts to touch my pee-wet cunt. It probably says mega on it, he must have been watching me pee secretly. He wanted to fuck my piss cunt and squirt his juice into my teen face. I don't know ... If I'm honest, I like mega games too! Would you have dared something like that?

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Today has been such an incredibly long day for me. As soon as I'm home, I jump into the bathtub and let myself go. Dry off so quickly and off to bed - I thought! My roommate is actually already back in my bed. I was looking forward to the bed, but a nice little fuck doesn't hurt before. Well from "beautiful" was unfortunately harder than I could have imagined. Usually he is more of a softie but this time he gave it to me properly! He pulls on my hair, hits me on the butt, in the face and begins to choke me. WOW! I never thought that I would get so wet! He keeps going, faster and faster and chokes me more and more until I can't breathe and almost cry! For my good stamina I get a safe MEGALADUNG sprayed on my face at the end! WOW!

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